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Who We Are


Primary School

...offers support to all parents and children in the country, that have special needs or learning difficulties.

If you are in need for support with your child, please contact us via the "contact us" form, and we will come back to you soon. 

We will support you with information, contact numbers, care providers, contact details of specialists and schools / pre-schools. that are working inclusively and with other information.

Origin and aims

TrainOccasion Primary School was founded in 2011 by Jenny Köstel, a teacher for Special Needs and Remedial Education from Germany.

It was obvious, that there is a big need to establish more classes for these children in Namibia and to give counselling to the parents, how to support their child with a mental or developmental disorder.

The medical care in Namibia is good, nevertheless, most doctors beyond Windhoek are oriented general-medically and can give no specific treatment.

“Inclusion” is also capitalized in Namibia, but in practice this is hardly possible. 

The general state schools look after approx. 40 learners per class, there, an underprivileged child cannot receive sufficient support.

Teachers are furthered in the area of inclusion and maybe it achieves in the future more success.

Between the capital of Namibia, Windhoek and the city of Rundu in the north there is only one integration class per town, and very few help for challenged learners, above all if, in addition, even more physical nursing need exist.

Today the catchment area doesn´t limit itself anymore to learners of the area of learning, mental and physical impediment.                         Because we have an inclusive approach, every learner can join us.

TrainOccasion (means you have the opportunity to coach yourself and to grow thereby) would like to be a place for everybody who cannot get the suitable support in the mainstream. 

This can be a learner with development difficulties (e.g. PDD-NOS, Autism) or also with mental impediments (e.g. Down syndrome, CP).

We also take up learners who carry nappies or have other nursing needs, this cannot be performed by other schools mostly.

The aim is to be given to everybody the suitable support he needs, and the retraining in the "mainstream", if possibly. 

This can become possible if children with developmental deficits are promoted long enough individually and thereby make up for her remains. 

In the areas of the impediment where this is not possible, social and communicative development as well as the basic cultural technologies should be in the foreground.

Our Staff

Since July 2013 we founded an association and are now supported by our schoolboard. The directors are John Muinjo, Otto Ipinge, Jenny Köstel, Steve Graham, Ingrid de Klerk, Mukute Kamuaruuma and John Hoeseb.

Since 2013 we are registered as a Section 21 / Non Profit Organization.

Since January 2016 we finally hold a registration number with the namibian Ministry of Education.

Schoolmanagement and Founder

Veronica Muinjo, Principal, BA in education and psychology, diploma in Applied Behaviour Analysis

Jenny Köstel, Founder, BHon in Special Needs Education, Mediator, diplomas in Dyslexiatraining, Integrative Learning Therapy and Applied Behaviour Analysis. Holder of a Masters Degree in Schoolmanagement.  

Other employees are

Erica Soroses

Erica works primarily with the preschool children and speech therapy.. 

She is busy with her training to become a Pre-Primary teacher.

Ms Paxma Midzi is teaching our Learning Support Unit 2.

Ms Ester Masadu is employed as a classroom assistant.

Ms Muinjo is teaching our Learning Support Unit 1.

Since June 2012 we are supported and blessed with volunteers and I hope this will continue.

Curricula / Curricula and Therapies

We use the curriculum of the Namibian state schools and special schools, but also the curriculum of "Brainline" and "Impak". They are providers of home schooling, which is permitted in South Africa and Namibia under most circumstances, and is used above all by the farmers who live too far from the next school away and don´t want to send her child to a hostel, as well as from parents who have handicapped children. 

Catchment area

At the moment we teach 25 learners of all sections of the population and impediment areas with the exception of visual injured people and hearing injured people. In the afternoon we work specificly with children that are dyslexic and do consulting.


We started a new project in Kamanjab- Otjikandero School,

where we support Ovahimba-orphans. Please contact us for further information!!


If it is possible to the parents to pay, school fees are asked but many parents can´t afford it.

We depend on donations and

 there for we need support in the financial area,

- to be able to build an own school building,

- to be able to hire another qualified teacher,

- for sponsorship (support of a single child with college fees, medical issues etc.) A sponsorship with us means no anonymous godparenthood, includes direct information about issue of the money and if desired, contact with the family.

- for continuing education and training of staff,

- for materials (speech-language therapy and occupational therapy, playground accessories, other materials)

Trainees from the therapeutic or special-educational area (internship period duration from 3 months on) are welcome to us, as well as also partnerships with other schools.

We give tax-return receipts for donations!

If you would like to support us,                                                 please contact me via the "contact us" form.

Thank you very much!